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  Name Title
Lucy S. Allen Allen, Lucy S. Director of Communications and Pastoral Care
Abigail Barfield Barfield, Abigail Volley Ball Coach & Elementary Monitor
Melanie Barfield Barfield, Melanie History/Worldview Department Head/Coach
Jasmine Bayliss Bayliss, Jasmine Head of School
Garland Best Best, Garland Soccer Coach
Daniel Blair Blair, Daniel World View Instructor
Kristina Branch Branch, Kristina Fourth Grade Teacher
Kelly Brisco Brisco, Kelly Business Services Director
Erin Brown Brown, Erin Visual Arts Department Head
Nancy Buercklin Buercklin, Nancy Math Instructor
Shauna Chaffin Chaffin, Shauna Worldview Instructor
Todd Chesebro Chesebro, Todd World View Instructor
Jeremiah Cheshire Cheshire, Jeremiah JH Football Coach/Elementary PE
Mathew Cheshire Cheshire, Mathew FootBall Coach Varsity
Matt Cheshire Cheshire, Matt
Jared Chontos Chontos, Jared Drum Line Instructor
Zane Colvin Colvin, Zane IT Director, Elementary Spanish & Theater
Kay Daugherty Daugherty, Kay Math Department Head
Robin Dembicki Dembicki, Robin Secondary Director
Ann DeSantis DeSantis, Ann Elementary Director
Tara Doyle Doyle, Tara Science/ASL Instructor
Lisa Dula Dula, Lisa Academic Coordinator/Science Instructor
Cole Duncan Duncan, Cole Cross Country & Track Coach
Deborah Duncan Duncan, Deborah First Grade Teacher
Harry Everett Everett, Harry Student Services & Athletics Director
Michael Flood Flood, Michael Head Boys BasketBall Coach
Haven Foster Foster, Haven Theater Assistant
Jarrey Foster Foster, Jarrey Varsity Assistant Basketball Coach
Susie Franklin Franklin, Susie Kindergarten Teacher
Tim Gabbard Gabbard, Tim Worship Arts Department Head/AV Tech
David Garcia Garcia, David Spanish Instructor
Sarah Gibbins Gibbins, Sarah Student Life Co-Director
David Gilbert Gilbert, David English Instructor
Andrea Gonzales Gonzales, Andrea Elementary Monitor
Wannie Graft Graft, Wannie Front Office Coordinator/Business Office Assistant
Lauren Grenier Grenier, Lauren Fifth Grade Teacher
Laura Hall Hall, Laura Science Department Head
David Hardy Hardy, David Soccer Coach
Lisa Hardy Hardy, Lisa Athletics Assistant
Kelly Hargrove Hargrove, Kelly Third Grade Teacher
Chastity Holman Holman, Chastity Kindergarten Teacher/JH Cheer Coach
Joseph Honescko Honescko, Joseph English Instructor
Lettie Horton Horton, Lettie Elementary Spanish/Art Teacher
Rachel Howes Howes, Rachel Coach Jr High Volley Ball
Kim Huckabee Huckabee, Kim Fifth Grade Teacher
Erin Hulslander Hulslander, Erin Secondary Instructor
Brian Jacobs Jacobs, Brian Facilities Coordinator
Amanda Johnston Johnston, Amanda Curriculum Director/English Instructor
Helena Jonker Jonker, Helena Performing Arts Department Head
Melissa Kennerty Kennerty, Melissa Registered Nurse
Sandi Kusterer Kusterer, Sandi Elementary Assistant
Cecelia Lacy Lacy, Cecelia Administrative Assistant
Laurie LaFon LaFon, Laurie Student Life Co-Director
April Lang Lang, April Head Coach Softball
Kim Martin Martin, Kim Science Instructor
Melanie May May, Melanie English/Speech Instructor
Joel McCune McCune, Joel Sixth Grade Math/Science Teacher
Bradi McGregor McGregor, Bradi English Department Head
Jenny Merwin Merwin, Jenny Spanish Instructor
Cindy Milburn Milburn, Cindy Science Instructor
Maribeth Mills Mills, Maribeth Worship Arts Instructor
Ashley Morgan Morgan, Ashley Math Instructor
Karen Nava Nava, Karen Second Grade Teacher
Substitute NURSE NURSE, Substitute Substitute Nurse RN
Bright Ogbogu Ogbogu, Bright Girls Basketball Coach
Mark Ostertag Ostertag, Mark Coach-JV BasketBall
Communications Pastoral Care Pastoral Care, Communications
Leslie Patterson Patterson, Leslie Academic Advisor
Zoe Perryman Perryman, Zoe Math Instructor
Dee Privitt Privitt, Dee Registrar
Kelly Ramsey Ramsey, Kelly Art/Theater Instructor
Erika Ray Ray, Erika Student Life Assistant
Trae Regier Regier, Trae Athletic Coordinator
Traci Rigby Rigby, Traci Sixth Grade English/History Teacher
Mari Rogers Rogers, Mari First Grade Teacher
Tiffany Romo Romo, Tiffany Second Grade Teacher
Natalie Scott Scott, Natalie Fifth Grade
Emily Smith Smith, Emily Arts In Ministry Elementary
Alisha Stump Stump, Alisha Development & Marketing Coordinator
Nicole Sutherland Sutherland, Nicole Science Instructor
Kathleen Trotter Trotter, Kathleen Monitor/Volleyball Coach for Player Development
Anna Walker Walker, Anna Science Instructor
Cynthia Wambsganss Wambsganss, Cynthia Front Office Assistant
Tonia White White, Tonia Third Grade Teacher
Suzanne Woodburn Woodburn, Suzanne Fourth Grade Teacher
Colleen Yellak Yellak, Colleen Personnel Coordinator
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