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10 Things I’m Thankful For!

November 19, 2019
By Paul Graft [12]


1. Cats because they are cute, loving, and passive-aggressive.

2. COFFEE. It's the only thing getting me through school.

3. Dogs because they love you when cats won’t.

4. LCA’s homework load because it “prepares us for college”.

5. Taking Photos because then I never have to be in the them.

6. Books, so I don’t have to pay attention to what is actually happening.

7. Parks and Rec because they are the best friends you’ve never actually had.

8. Subway because they let you make whatever sandwich you want.

9. Free Things because you don’t have to pay for them.

10. Money so you can buy things that aren't free.


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Conner Womack says:
November 19, 2019 07:07 PM CST
Love how you're so real in your writing Paul!!!

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