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The Perfect Thanksgiving Day

November 19, 2019
By Seth Rigby [12]

I love Thanksgiving because it is a happy time of year to gather together as a family and enjoy some great food. My usual Thanksgiving includes going to my cousin’s house with my grandparents and extended family. Some of my favorite foods to eat at Thanksgiving are the stuffing, mac and cheese, rolls, ham, green beans, pie, and most importantly, Turkey! While these are examples of what my usual Thanksgiving is like, my “Perfect Thanksgiving” would be totally different from this. At my “Perfect Thanksgiving,” my cousins and extended family would not be there haha because they can be awkward and also consume at least 3/4ths of all the good food, leaving little for me. Therefore, I would enjoy eating Thanksgiving all by myself. Yes, this sounds very depressing and lonely but on the bright side, it would be a never-ending buffet to enjoy all by me, myself and I. The last, and maybe most miserable (to all of you) part of my Thanksgiving, would be not having a turkey. Yes I know this sounds ridiculous, because the turkey is the most important dish, and even though it tastes so good, I am on a quest to save the turkeys. I encourage whoever is reading this to leave out the turkey this year, to save many of these sacred birds. This is what my “Perfect Thanksgiving” dinner would be like and please remember to Save the Turkeys!

Tags: seasonal
Conner Womack says:
November 19, 2019 07:07 PM CST
This is super funny!!! Nice job Seth!

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