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The Great Pumpkins

October 30, 2019
By LCA Photography Class

What do you get when you give small, white pumpkins to a bunch of talented photo students? Pumpkins that become works of art, Festive Fall Pumpkins, sweet, emotional pumpkins, pumpkins with names, and pumpkins that become unique to every eye that saw and photographed them!

Pumkin COllage 1

Photo Credit - Ladan Spratt [9], Grace Carnefix [11], Daisy Truax [10], and Noah Larson [11]

Pumkin Collage 2

Photo Credit - Casidey Graft [10], Elly George [9], Britt Harmon [12], Gianna Antovoni [9]

Pumpkin Collage 3

Photo Credit - Liana Kusterer [10], Jessica Davis [9], Alec Kurtenbach [11], Sierra Simmons [10]

Pumpkin Collage 4

Photo Credit - Hudson Schill [12], Conner Hendrick [9], Nicole Garrison [9]

Tags: seasonal
Dani says:
November 04, 2019 02:24 PM CST
Love the creativity! Great work!

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