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The Admissions Process

Lucas Christian Academy is organized around the foundational premise that meaningful and positive parental mentoring makes the biggest difference in a child's education. Thus, admission into LCA is a deliberate and intentional process designed to thoroughly inform the interested parents. Admission into LCA consists of the following mandatory components:

Admissions Meeting

During the first half of an Admissions Meeting you will get a tour of the school and a general overview of LCA and the hybrid model, helping parents discern if the university model of education is a fit for their family. The second half informs interested parents of all the details of LCA - its history, organization, vision, course offerings, costs, graduation requirements, student activities, etc. Parents also meet some of the LCA administration and have the opportunity to hear their hearts in regards to their ministry and responsibilities at the school. Each family in attendance will receive an admission packet which contains information on how to proceed with the application process.

Please see Admissions Tours/Dates tab for more information.

Online Application

After prayerful consideration, if a family decides to proceed in the admissions process at LCA, the student application must be completed online and submitted at the instructed date and time. Each student is then registered for placement testing.

Placement Testing

For placement into kindergarten and first grade, a daytime one-on-one evaluation is scheduled. 

All potential 2nd - 12th grade students must take a placement test for core classes and certain electives. These tests are generally conducted on Tuesdays.

Please see Placement Testing tab for more information. 

Family Interview

The final step in the admissions process is the family interview which gives each family the opportunity to have any remaining questions answered and for all to better discern if LCA is the right school for their family. Both parents, any potential co-teachers, and all potential students must attend the interview. 

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