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To provide students a basic mathematical foundation that will enable their future success at the level appropriate to the student’s mathematical aptitude, ability, and future educational plans.

Students are encoureged to see the beauty of Math as they learn critcal concepts via teacher-guided learning, independent discovery, and visualiztion using technology. With the addition of classes like AP Calculus AB and Dual Credit College Algebra, the LCA math program is working to prepare students to thrive in collegiate level courses.
AP Calculus is where I realized all the previous math classes I took work together. I know understand I had to learn all the boring basics before I could use Calculus for real world applications. 
-Graham E, LCA Graduate
I have always enjoyed math and science, even when they were difficult and I struggled to understand.  LCA has given me the platform to share my love of math and science with my students, guiding them through difficult concepts, and teaching them how to overcome when the concepts feel overwhelming.
-Jennifer Nichols, LCA Math/Science Director



To equip students with an understanding of the natural world, thereby increasing their appreciation of the Creator and inspiring them to steward that creation responsibly.

Journey with us asking “What? Why? How?” and declaring HOW great is our God!  The 6 year progression through upper school science at LCA provides myriad opportunities to use hands-on learning and real world application to sharpen scientific minds.  By observing the marvelous creation, students grow in awe and wonder of our God and His creative majesty.  LCA science prepares students for college by targeting a challenging pace and rigor and providing teachers who help students succeed.
LCA science classes allowed me to tailor my learning though projects and research to accommodate deeper discovery of topics in which I’m interested. I appreciated the teachers who were so personable and committed to student-centered learning, always encouraging exploration of the sciences and critical thinking.
- Elyse H, LCA Graduate
There are so many reasons why I love teaching in the science department at LCA. 1-The students come to class ready to learn and respect one another. 2-My fellow teachers care deeply about the students, and LOVE their subject. 3-I receive full support from the parents and administration.
-Laura Hall, LCA Chemistry Teacher 
As LCA continues to grow so does their science department. The teachers are dedicated to their students success and there was never a time I felt I couldn’t approach a teacher to go over something I didn’t quite understand during lecture. 
-Rachel R, LCA Graduate

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