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To think, write, read, and discuss critically; to discern an author’s presuppositions and biases; to ascertain major themes and literary elements; and to ascertain to what degree they correlate with biblical truth. Students will understand the impact literary works have or have had on historical time periods by utilizing classic works of literature as well as regularly writing original thesis based on these works.

The English Department at LCA exists to cultivate readers and writers of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. We engage with stories from ancient to contemporary writers in hope to gain renewed wisdom and deep care for the sake of others.
In the classroom, students are given space to think and share with classmates. Students are lead by teachers who meet them where they are with a love of Literature, Grammar, Poetry, and Research. Graduates of LCA have said of their English courses:
The English program at LCA taught me, first, to understand literature, to be invested in literature and then to love literature. I've learned where and how my voice can be heard. Whether that's in the style of writing with which I choose to express myself, imagery I pick up on in poems or short stories, or how I interpret the books I read.
 I love learning about literature and how each individual writer displays their values through writing; I especially find symbolism particularly fascinating (O' Connor, Fitzgerald, etc.). It's also interesting to see how writers use symbolism as a tool for character development, like in The Scarlet Letter.


Through an intentional four year study of the Bible and various genres of literature, students will gain a working understanding of the meaning behind each of the nine worldview questions, the Biblical answers for each, and will ultimately be able to apply these questions to all disciplines and to their own life experiences (i.e. literature, science, history, current events, philosophy).

The nine basic worldview questions are:
  • Is there a god or gods? If so, what is he (or they) like?
  • What is the nature or origin of the universe – its origin and structure?
  • What is the nature of man?
  • What is the basis of ethics and morality?
  • What is the cause of evil and suffering?
  • What happens to man at death?
  • How is knowledge possible, if indeed it is?
  • What is the meaning of history?
  • How would the way a man answers these questions inform the way a man lives?
The worldview department at LCA exists to cultivate wisdom in our students by developing hearts and minds rooted in Biblical truth. We sharpen the students’ vision to discern truth through the progression of ideas throughout Western history so that they can contend for the faith in their daily lives.
LCA's worldview program prepared me to gently point out flaws in others arguments and then compassionately share truth. -D.W.
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