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The Arts 

The purpose of the arts at LCA is to provide enriching and uplifting opportunities for our students to explore their artistic gifts and reflect God’s truth and beauty in serving our community.

Visual Arts 

Visual Arts minister to the human spirit. LCA is about cultivating the imaginative creativity of artists, and creating a vibrant artistic culture that  conveys the truth and beauty of the Master Artist.

Worship arts


Performance Arts

The LCA Performing Arts department strives to create a safe environment for students to experiment, grow, and create long-lasting bonds whilst honing God-given talents. We want our students to not only experience the magic of being part of a production, but realize that this is a place of respect, encouragement, and love.
“I believe that Theater class is so much more than producing an incredible production that everyone can be proud of, which is what we strive to do every year! It's about teaching kids to be brave, to believe in themselves and the talents God gave them. It's about trusting your teachers and your peers, and learning to work hard together to achieve a common goal. It's about growing not only as actors but as compassionate human beings...and so much more!”
- Lientjie Jonker, Performance Arts Department Head
“I love theater because of the family you form with the whole cast and all the joy and adrenaline you feel after each performance.”
- Emily M, Current Student
"LCA theater is a place where students can be brave by stepping outside their comfort zone in a supportive environment. The instruction they receive is top quality and the performances are the icing on the cake".
- Susan Beck, LCA Parent

Junior High Theatre Productions:

2015 Fall: The Prince And The Pauper
2016 Spring: Dear Edwina
2016 Fall: The Struggles
2017 Spring: High School Musical JR.
2017 Fall: Alice in Wonderland
2018 Spring: Aladdin
2018 Fall: Boxes

Senior High Theatre Productions

2015 Fall: Anne of Green Gables
2016 Spring: Beauty and the Beast
2016 Fall: Us and Them - If I pray
2017 Spring: Seven Brides for Seven Brothers
2017 Fall: Wilde Tales
2018 Spring: Cinderella
2018 Fall: Gossip, Harrowing of Hell
2019 Spring: Singin' in the Rain

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