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Partnering with parents to educate, train, and nurture their children.

LCA recognizes the family as the primary educational and social unit. We respect the primacy of that institution by partnering with parents, not supplanting them, in the academic and spiritual education of their children. Practically speaking, LCA will be primary as it pertains to academics with classroom instruction, assignments, and assessments. Parents support the teachers by ensuring that satellite school days are successful by maintaining an atmosphere of study and following the parental roles as outlined in this handbook. Additionally, parents will be primary as it pertains to the spiritual Copyright ©2014 Lucas Christian Academy Page 10 of 91 Partners’ Handbook 2017-2018 development of their student(s) by belonging to a local body of believers and teaching the Word of God in their home. LCA will support the spiritual development of students by providing Biblical instruction and character training.


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