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Hybrid Model School

Lucas Christian Academy is a hybrid model school that integrates the parents (mentoring their students) in partnership with highly qualified professional instructors to gain better academic and spiritual development of the student. It integrates the home and school in the common goal of producing godly men and women who will become difference makers in the Kingdom of God. 

Three Main Components of LCA's Hybrid Model

  • A Biblical foundation with an emphasis on discipleship
  • A General Structure which seeks a high level of integration between home and school in the educational endeavor
  • A striving for academic excellence

A Fully Developed Hybrid Model Program

The program consists of three parts: Academic, Character Training, and Student Life
  • Parents are responsible for child's educational choices and spiritual upbringing
  • Control over schedule/time
  • Teaches time management
  • Teaches work ethic
  • More time with family
  • Time to teach the love of learning
  • Prepares child for college

The Parent's Role

  • Personal commitment with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
  • Active in a local church
  • Committed to Biblical principles of discipleship and wisdom
  • Agree with the doctrinal and philosophical statements of school
  • Willing to partner with professional teachers and actively mentor their children
  • Accept primary responsibility for the behavior and character development of their children
  • Insure the proper supervision of their children while in their satellite classroom at home

The Student's Role

  • Committed to learning, to self-discipline, and to appropriate behavior
  • Willing to submit to their parents and to the authority figures that their parents have placed over them
  • Willing to accept their responsibility of learning
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