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A Day In the Life of Bob

September 24, 2019
By Emma Harper [12]
Bob Van Allen as a bee keeper

Bob Van Allen is not only a beloved teacher but could compete for the most interesting man in the world. He...

  • Loves sharing his stories from Columbia.
  • Owns about 100,000 bees.
  • Wears a bee suit when collecting their honey.
  • Speaks almost four languages.
  • Loves salt and orders different flavors of it, and drinks about 6 Pelegrino’s a day.

All this to say, you will always be surprised when hearing about a day in the life of Bob.

5:00 AM: Wakes up for the day
6:00 AM: Eats a lovely breakfast of lemon-flavored salt with a Pellegrino Sparkling Water.
6:30 AM: Drives to school listening to philosophical, audiobooks.
8:00 AM: Teaches Spanish. He shares about his time in Columbia and gives students tips on how to drive as Columbian buses drive. He also shares one of his favorite tribal recipes: smoked grub worms.
11:00 AM: Excels in the Homecoming Faculty vs. Student, volleyball game.
11:30 AM: Coughs during class and repeatedly has to pop his rib back into place.
11:45 AM: Drinks another Pelegrino.
12:30 PM: Teaches Worldview and impresses his students with all that he knows. Answers every impossible question.
4:30 PM: Gets home and works with his 100,000 bees by teaching them Greek and Hebrew (he also collects their honey).
5:00 PM: Enjoys a nice snack of Hot Pepper Salt and another Pelegrino.
6:00 PM: Beats his son-in-law in Monster Hunter and Zelda.
8:00 PM: Goes to the gun range with his wife. Both he and his wife hit the target unbelievably, without fail.
9:00 PM: Settles down after a good day, proud of all that he has accomplished, until he remembers that he forgot to go to the academic awards and present as the Worldview Department Head.

Laura Phipps says:
September 24, 2019 07:48 PM CST
Impressive interview and writing, Emma!

Erin says:
September 24, 2019 08:28 PM CST
Emma, I love this!! Such a great job!!

Conner Womack says:
September 25, 2019 08:14 AM CST
So talented emma!!!!!

Sarah Gibbins says:
October 02, 2019 04:59 AM CST
Emma! You are so funny - great article! I can picture it all... ha!!

bob van-allen (it's not though its matthew) says:
October 23, 2019 08:16 PM CST
this is fantastic.

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