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Three Perspectives

September 17, 2019
By Lucas Christian Academy
Seth Rigby in Fotball Huddle

*Photo Credit: Erin Brown

A Battle
Seth Rigby, Varsity Football Player [12]

From the moment we walked onto the field and felt how hot it was, we knew it was going to be a long game. Even from our opening drive, we had a hard time moving the ball. Westlake couldn’t do much on offense either, as the first quarter of the game was a defensive battle.

Westlake scored first, on a fumble recovery on their fourth down. Afterward, our offense still struggled to get a drive going. On Westlake’s next drive they began to pick our defense apart and started getting into the end zone more.

In the second quarter, we began to get our offense going. After Andrew Mares caught a pass from Coby Martin, he reached the ball across the goal line and he was in. But halftime was approaching and we were in the red zone. Scrambling around, I threw the ball to Jaxon Hardy and he ran it in for a touchdown, giving us more momentum going into the second half.

In the second half, our team really began to shut down their offense. Early in the fourth quarter, Andrew Mares scored one last touchdown for the team by running it into the end zone. It was a long and hard-fought game. We likely could have executed better than we did. With the final score being 42-22, Westlake took the win. Because of this loss, we might have a chip on our shoulder going into our next rivalry game against Westlake, but we will still have hopes of winning.


Ladan Spratt photographing the Varsity football game

*Photo Credit: Casidey Graft

A Photographer
Ladan Spratt, Journalism and Photography Student [9]

What does an inexperienced photographer plus a two and a half-hour football game plus 100-degree heat equal? A dummy with heatstroke and a camera. I know what you’re thinking:

“Oh my goodness Ladan! You’re being so dramatic. Those guys playing had it FAR worse than you, so just hush.” -Literally Everyone

First of all, RUDE! Second, those guys have trained and conditioned for weeks to do that exact thing so excuse me for being a normal human being, who is not designed to sit in that kind of heat for hours at a time.

In all seriousness, it was difficult but the guys pushed through until the very end. So to recap with two questions:

Q. Will I ever photograph a football game again?

A. Sure...after I recover from last week.

Q. Will I ever do it in the same heat conditions again?

A. Don’t ask silly questions.


Gracie Lauterbach at work


*Photo Credit: Erin Brown

A Game That Will Go Down in the Hall of Heat
Gracie Lauterbach, Sports Medicine Team [9] 

September 7, 2019, a football game that will go down in history for more than just the fact that we played Westlake. With the high temperature of 101, this was one of our hottest football days; and when the trainers say it's hot that means it is really hot.

The referees were extremely late to the junior high game putting us behind schedule. Erin Reynolds and I had to start helping varsity get ready for their game so we sprinted to the school to wrap the varsity players. Then the worst happened; WE RAN OUT OF FLEX TAPE! I scavenged through the shed and luckily found some more!!! I wrapped the players up and they were ready to go to battle with Westlake. This was a stressful yet exciting game; it was stressful because of the heat and exciting because I was able to treat a really bad cramp.

Marissa (our Baylor trainer) and I ran onto the field because a player from Westlake was cramping so badly in his calf that he was in extreme pain. Once we got him to the sideline, several of his friends came over and held his hand as Marissa was stretching his calf out. One of the boys yelled to his father to start recording. The players told him that it was going to be okay and that they were there for him, but they thought it was the funniest thing in the world.

Once the cramp stopped, he got up, drank some Powerade, and was back to cheering for his team and soon was back on the field. It was stressful having back to back games in the brutal Texas heat but we still ended up having a lot of fun

Conner Womack says:
September 17, 2019 11:37 AM CST
Y'all this is so good!! It's cool seeing what the game looks like from so many points of view!!

Jasmine Bayliss says:
September 17, 2019 03:18 PM CST
Great job to all the writers! I enjoyed reading about the game from different perspectives. You all are tough to be out there in the heat.

Sarah Gibbins says:
October 02, 2019 04:42 AM CST
I LOVE this article! You guys are so FUN... I love this new format. Great job to the whole team!!

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