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The Eagle Scout

October 22, 2019
By Rosalyn Larson [12]
Eric Kusterer playing piano at the Warrior Bash

Senior Eric Kusterer is working towards earning his position as an Eagle Scout this year. Eric has been in the Boy Scout program since he was eleven years old and has loved all the campouts and skills he has gained over the years. A few years ago he left Boy Scouts and joined Trail Life, however, it was not too long before he was back with Boy Scouts once again.

In the beginning, he started Boy Scouts as a way to connect with his family but soon it became an important part of his life.

“My brother was in it and there was some family obligation there, but it was a lot of fun and many of the friends I have now were from it.” Senior Eric Kusterer

For his Eagle Scout project, Eric wanted to give back to the school. He plans on installing a light bar on the stage which will have the ability to be raised and lowered. 

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