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Coffee Conversations: Grace Meentemeyer

October 01, 2019
By Katelynn Stoltzfus [12]
Grace and Katelynn

My new article series, “Coffee Conversations”, is all about highlighting different LCA students. I have the privilege of interviewing students over coffee and writing about all the exciting, unseen parts of their lives.

The first student I interviewed was Grace Meentemeyer. Grace is brand new to LCA, high school, and the cheer team. Despite all she has going on at LCA, she still has an exciting life outside of school as well.

This year, on top of starting high school and LCA, she decided to try cheerleading for the first time. Before cheer, she played basketball and ran track. She has played basketball since she was really young. She plans to keep playing this season with the team she has been a part of since she was ten years old. This year in addition to playing basketball, her mom suggested she try something new. Her mom ended up surprising her by working with LCA’s cheer coach to get her involved. She was so excited, and as she says, “What girl doesn’t want to be a cheerleader? I have always wanted to be one!”

Grace is a committed, determined, and hard-working cheerleader. Although this is her first year in the sport, she has worked hard to learn all of the different and unique aspects of cheering. She has happily tried every position in a stunt and has given her all in each part. She has also dedicated plenty of time outside of practice to learn all of the cheers and make sure she has them perfect before each game.

She faces criticism with a heart eager to learn and grow, and constantly works to improve in any way she can. All of her teammates would agree that she is truly a light on the team. Although one of the youngest, and brand new to the school and the sport, she constantly encourages and uplifts her team. She approaches any situation with positivity, joy, and eagerness.

With this same determination and commitment, Grace has seamlessly tackled the challenges of being an LCA student. She has always been a hard-worker with great time management skills. Coming from public school, the environment here at LCA is much different than what she is used to. She says she loves the people, teachers, and positive, Godly environment here.

Outside of LCA, Grace has a really close, fun-loving family. She is the middle child with two brothers who are 18 and 5 years old. Her family loves to spend time together doing things like watching TV, playing games, serving in church, and running.

The family makes a point each night to spend time together and talk about their day over dinner. Grace says her mom is a great cook, but they also go out to dinner every Saturday night and especially love to get pizza.

Her family also loves the outdoors and activities that involve being on the lake. They also love to stay active and do lots of running. The whole family is highly involved in their church and they love to serve there in several different ways.

Although Grace is only a freshman, she already has a pretty good idea of what she wants to do with her life. She says she would love to do something in the medical field, specifically as a registered nurse. “I love babies and old people. I think the brain is cool too!”, says Grace.

In summary, Grace is a really adventurous girl who loves school, sports, her family, and God. If you have not had a chance to get to know Grace, I would recommend finding time to talk with her. You will not regret it!. Her joyful spirit and positive attitude are so contagious, and she lights up any room she walks into. Grace is a truly great person and a blessing to get to know.

Sarah Gibbins says:
October 02, 2019 04:53 AM CST
Wow Katelynn! I can't wait to know Grace more, what an awesome article! I love that you are having "coffee conversations"... what a cool idea!

Christopher Conner Womack says:
October 02, 2019 08:04 AM CST
This is such an awesome article! Grace is the coolest!!! Nice job telling her story Katelynn!!!!!

Lisa Meentemeyer says:
October 03, 2019 10:32 AM CST
Thank you KateLynn for this amazing, creative, interesting and such a fun article to read about my daughter and our family. Your an amazing writer. We love LCA and feel so blessed to be apart of this family. I look forward to reading more coffee conversations with LCA

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